Elephant Foot

Elephant foot is enlarged area of print on burn-in section of the print, mostly caused by higher cure-time on the burn-in layers.

To resolve it many people put support below objects or modify early section of the object on 3D editor in order to continue print object directly on build platform.

To resolve it NanoDLP provides many features, on this guide we focus on only the most recent one which is superior to the available solutions.

Middle exposure

Instead of curing whole burn-in layer with highest cure time, only middle of the area which could not leak light outside being cured with burn-in cure time remaining will use normal layer cure time.


For a print with 50s for burn-in/base layer cure time and 10s normal layer, usually on the burn-in layer whole surface being cured for 50s.

Middle exposure

But when Middle Exposure enabled, only middle section cured for 50s and outside area for 10s.

Middle exposure / double exposure

How to use it?

It is available on the resin profile

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