Slicing is the third step of a three-step workflow. Slices can be previewed before exporting, downloading or sending to a pritner.



Slice process is started by click on the Slice Preview button. The whole 3D scene is sliced. The output slices/layers can be previewed by the next available tools.


Slice Preview

Once slicing output is available, the slice/layer image tool can be used to examine the PNG images:

Slice image

Slice/layer PNGs can be previewed making use of a vertical slider. Moving the slider up and down, the corresponding slice PNG image is shown. Moreover, the corresponding slice is indicated by a thin line in 3D editor too.

Slice preview


Slicing output can be downloaded as a ZIP file by click on download button.


Download name could be set too:

Download name


The slicing output can be exported in a variety of industry file formats.

Export as industry formats

Specifically, slicing output can be exported in NSlice file format which contains slices as vector graphics rather than raster. In slicing pipeline, vector images are one step before raster PNG images.

Export as NSlice

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