NanoDLP / ZIP File Format

You can use this guide to understand NanoDLP file format.

Why a new file format?

NanoDLP parameters highly dynamic and being decided in realtime. It cause static parameters to not work well with NanoDLP.

NanoDLP file format

NanoDLP file format is a zip container file contains many files.

.nanodlp vs .zip

NanoDLP processes zip file same as nanodlp but with extra check. So it will be same but slower to process.


ZIP file contains following files

  • meta.json
  • plate.json (Only require for NanoDLP format)
  • Info.json
  • override.json
  • 3d.png
  • 3d.png.meta
  • profile.json
  • PNG files 1~10000.png (Required)
  • Plate raw file


It describes the program used to slice and prepare the file. It also indicate what could be used and enabled

    "FormatVersion": 1,  # Current version of the export file
    "Distro": "generic", # Manufacturer or target printer 
    "Program": "NanoDLP",# Program used to prepare file
    "Version": "2038",   # Program version
    "OS": "linux",       # OS used to export it 
    "Arch": "amd64",	# Architecture used
    "Profile": false     # Is profile file should be used


General information about the exported plate/job


Each layer details which could be used to calculate resin usage and shared to gcode and etc

        "TotalSolidArea": 468.47092,
        "LargestArea": 468.47092,
        "SmallestArea": 468.47092,
        "MinX": 560,
        "MinY": 941,
        "MaxX": 879,
        "MaxY": 1618,
        "AreaCount": 1


Profile that used.


Override resin profile settings for this specific plate.

3d.png and 3d.png.meta

200x100px 3D render of the current plate in PNG format. Layer PNG files Each layer must be named starting from 1.png up to 100000.png layers without leading zero or any other name.

Format of the each PNG must be 8bit sRGB.

For mono displays each byte can represented a single pixel.

Plate source file

Raw plate file which could be used on NanoDLP to re-slice.

It must called plate.stl, plate.obj or any other supported format (plate.supported_extension)

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